Tharon Cave-unexplored non-commercialized abode India

Tharon Cave, Manipur- An unexplored non-commercialized abode in India!

The unexplored shelter of the past

Located at a distance of around twenty seven kilometer from Tamenglong in the state of Manipur, India Tharon cave is situated at an altitude of 900 meter above the sea level. Unlike the other caves in the beautiful country, this one remains unknown and thus untouched making it a grand place to taste the wildness of nature at its best!

The history and the excavation facts

The Tharon cave had been an excavator’s delight as post a lot of excavations the history of the caves have unfolded before their eyes in manifold. This cave in Manipur holds the glory of being a place of abode for the Hobinian culture people hailing from the North Vietnam area for a long period of time. The place is indeed among the top offbeat destinations of India and worthy of a visit.

Tharon cave

The darkness and the tourists!

This cave is a truly naturally ventilated one with its thirty four joints and 5 exit points and with a total size of 655 meters! If a person loves to seek adventure and is lured by the darkness then this is a sure place to be as this cave is extremely dark inside and needs to be explored with safety. Every year, the Manipur tourism conducts a Cave Expedition and this is when outsiders are allowed inside. The cave lacks any proper maintenance though and thus the visitors need to be geared with helmets with light and other safety equipment to stay away from danger in there.

Nearby places to visit

Apart from this lovely cave which adorns the beautiful state of Manipur, there are numerous other places where a adventure seeker or a traveler can explore to get the flavor of nature.

Places to visit while on a trip to the Tharon cave


The Tamenglong district in Manipur is one of the least populated places in the State and is dotted with innumerous ranges, peaks and valley regions. Apart from locating various kinds of endangered species animals, plants and orchids, one might also see the plantation of a special type of Oranges growing here on a very large scale.


Jiri- Makru Wildlife Sanctuary

Situated at an attitude of 249 to 1849 meters above the sea level, this wildlife sanctuary situated in Manipur nearby the cave is an area covering 198 square kilometer and houses various kinds of wild animals and plants for one to explore!

Jiri- Makru Wildlife Sanctuary

Zeilad Wildlife Sanctuary

Another lovely natural abode is the Zeilad wildlife sanctuary which boasts of having four lakes in it and these water bodies contain various kinds of fishes and provide shelter to thousands of migratory birds too.

Zeilad Wildlife Sanctuary

Seven Step “Barrack Waterfall”

Located in the Tamenglong district are these seven lesser known waterfalls which are formed from the Barrack river while passes by! All the seven are beautiful but special mention needs to be made to the Khoudong Waterfall which indeed is a sight to behold!

Seven Step “Barrack Waterfall”- Tamenglong district

The best time to visit the Tharon Cave

The best time to visit the Tharon Cave ought to be in the months from January to March but it is always better to coordinate with Manipur tourism and know about their Festival time or the Cave Expedition time to explore the place unhindered and without much risk.


Tharon Cave – How to reach and the lodging options

Due to the fact that this place is not really commercialized, resorts are there but few in the vicinity. The nearest airport to the region is located at Imphal, the capital of Manipur and the nearest railway station is located at the Tamenglong district which is nearby the cave area as well. Roads are good to get a tourist till the nearby destinations with ease.