The Unique City – New Orleans

The unique city – New Orleans

New Orleans is located in the Louisiana state of the USA and is the largest metropolitan city in the state and the 46th largest city of USA, located along the river Mississippi. This city has gained its name from the Duke of Orleans, who ruled from 1715 to 1723 as regent for Louis XV.  The city was also cited to be dangerous in an attempt to clean it from the effects of the hurricane Katrina. Nevertheless, it stands as one of the best tourist cities of the world.

New Orleans

Why to visit the place

Blended with both the European culture and the modern era lifestyle, this place has a distinct aura of its own with incomparable cheerfulness filled with fires, looting, overturned cars and fisticuffs. This place sees the best celebration of the festivals where people hoot and they shout, where they mingle and in a way they evolve, where the car races are seen and the fights too are scenic and have their own characteristic charm.

Taking a road to the hot night life and having footpaths of tradition, it is also considered as the best city to visit for all the sports lovers, for there is always a party after the game, no matter you win or lose, you are invited.


Well known for the architectural grounds of French and Spanish Creole architecture, it creates a sophisticated and mysterious airs. From the tours in the French quarters, this holds the heart and soul of the city to the monuments that marks the history like the National World War II Museum; each place needs a halt on this journey.

A trip to New Orleans is incomplete with the visit to the French Quarters, especially the Bourbon Street, infamous party hub, where one can find the streets lined up with fortune tellers, street performers, and all the fun that you have wanted.

The place is also famous for the cuisine and the rich taste it offers which is different and stands out in the entire USA. You might be on the streets or in a grand hotel, thou shalt be fed well.

Activities to do in New Orleans

  • No matter whatever plans you have, you owe to go to a Jazz performance and go for a delicious food. New Orleans being the birthplace of Jazz, many restaurants and bars, and even the streets are lightened up by the vibrant nightlife. From the classic Jazz to the acid Jazz, for all the ears and for all the hearts, New Orleans rings up at night.
  • The city calls out for the visit to the Ogden museum of the Southern Art. The City Park stands as one of the major attractions that shares the story of how it was rebuilt after the hurricane. This place is worth visit.
  • Also, one cannot miss the biggest party of the Country, the brashest and the most insane party in the Carnival. One just can’t miss the Mardi Gras.
  • The tour on the streetcar lines offered at a price of $1.25 takes the passengers along the river to the Quarter’ French Market. The green cars direct towards Uptown and the red ones on the Caal street line direct towards the City Park and New Orleans Museum of Art.
  • The fascinating magazine street also the infamous window shopping spot that starts from the Lower Garden street to the Audubon Park should be on the top of the list of not-to-miss list.The Derby pottery or the local fashion streets, unique and inspired jeweler, this place has  a lot for you.

Transportation and accommodation

One can reach the Louis Armstrong International Airport, the biggest and the primary airport of New Orleans. There are several ways to get to the center of the city using the taxi service, Limo or a cheap service of the bus. Even many hotels have the shuttle buses and taxis from the airport. One can also use the train service and facilitate the new Loyola Avenue Streetcar line links.

The various parts of cities have the hotels in any range that you would need without any kind of hustle. The budget hotels and the luxury hotels, it has all the ones that you need.

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