Top Historical Destinations in Europe

Want historical adventure?

Check out these top historical destinations in Europe

There are a lot of people who are intrigued with history. Travelling to historical destinations is their dream and they want to explore and understand the rich culture and heritage behind these famous historical sites. If you’re a history buff yourself, then here is a list of top ten historical destinations in Europe which you must check out.


Rome’s whole air is filled with history. It was the greatest and most powerful city and civilisation in history and even today this place is breathtaking beautiful and nostalgic. The famous Pantheon, Colosseum, Trevi fountain and Spanish steps continue to charm. Rome is a perfect potpourri of everything captivating in history. Its streets hold the air of ancient Rome, medieval times and renaissance, all at once. Read More


Regensburg, Germany:

Regensburg was founded almost 2,000 years ago by the Romans. This old city is very nicely preserved and its famous gothic buildings make one feel like one is in some old movie. UNESCO declared it as one of the world’s heritage site for its cathedral, stone bridge and old world charm is unparalleled. Read More
Regensburg, Germany

Stonehenge, United kingdom:

This famous wonder of the world has continued to enchant its spectators since time immemorial. Its construction first began around 3,000 B.C and it was completed in several stages. Stonehenge’s real charm lies in its aura of mystery. We still don’t know whether it was constructed as an astronomical observatory or used as a religious site.  This is one of the historical destinations in Europe. Read More

Stonehenge, United kingdom

Athens, Greece:

This famous paradise for all history lovers is named after the goddess of victory Athena. Its acropolis, Agora, Parthenon and theater of Dionysus takes one back in time. This city is brimming ruins of the famous ancient Greek civilization. Read More

Athens, Greece Prague, Czech Republic:

This city carries its history on its streets. Gorgeous gothic architecture flush with medieval charm is its highlight. The Prague castle which is Europe’s largest castle lives up to its reputation. Old town hall, Saint George’s Basilica, Prague city museum is among the many famous sites displaying Prague’s rich history.   Read More

Prague, Czech Republic

Stockholm, Sweden:

This town was founded way back in the 13th century. Its Old Town built around 1255 has kept itself intact in the leaf of history. Old buildings stand shoulder to shoulder with their modern counterparts. Skansen, which is regarded as world’s first open air museum is right here in Stockholm, proudly taking one back to the 18th and the 20th centuries. The Stockholm cathedral and the Royal Palace is a must see. Read More

Stockholm, Sweden

Milan, Italy:

Italy is a heaven for anyone who loves history and loves art. The famous Santa Maria Della Grazie church has preserved the “last supper” by Leonardo da Vinci. Apart from that La Scala opera is a famous attraction which should not be missed at any cost. Read More 

Milan, Italy

Collioure, France:

This town of France offers a perfect mix of new and old cultures. Its impressive castles tower high on each side and the famous old church Notre Dame drs Agnes has never failed to attract visitors. The old fifteenth century chateau royal holds loads of secrets in its depth. Read More  

Collioure, France

York, England:

York has a rich history and it is reflected in every corner of the city. This city famous for its largest gothic cathedral has a history that precedes even the Roman times. Its ancient cathedrals seem to tell stories of war and peace. York castle museum does a fine job of introducing people to the fairly recent history covering 400 years. Read More

York, England

Rhodes, Greece:

Greece is like a living and breathing museum and Rhodes 3,000 years old personal history just adds to the collection of the collective history of this place.  Ancient acropolis, medieval walkways and streets are just a fragment of its rich history. One can even view the site where the famous colossus supposedly stood centuries ago. Read More

Rhodes, Greece

So, grab your bags and travel to historical destinations in Europe. Get your hotels booked online here and make sure that you make your trip as memorable as you can.