Top Ten Must – Travel Cities of Asia

Top Ten Must – Travel Cities of Asia

A mind, set on a road can’t be settled ever on any kind of destination. It needs a journey to follow and carry on. A traveler always looks for road towards new places, new keys to locked secrets, and new dimensions to reach out. If you are one such traveler looking for new adventures and interesting locations then Asia must be on your travel map. From the mountainous regions to the beaches, from metropolitan s to villages, one can see all the colors of civilization and natural beauty in splendor. Here we offer you the list of top ten must travel cities of Asia for your next tour:

1. Bangkok:


There is a perfect chaotic mixture of the old and new here, towering shopping malls, famous Buddha temples like Wat Phra Kaew and Wat Pho, a shopping paradise, Safari world and entertainment avenues, Museums and royal buildings, not to forget the famous Thai massage and the mouth-watering Thai food. Travelling in a tuk-tuk or a neon meter taxi, or the underground MRT train or the BTS Sky train, each and every trip is worth every moment you spend on it. Read More

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 2. Tokyo one of the travel cities of Asia:



The place is filled with towering heights of the building and giving an endless opportunity to roam in the maze of streets which are crowded with restaurants, cafes, gaming centers, pubs, karaoke clubs, pachinko parlors etc. While in Tokyo, remember to visit Yoyogi Park, Shinjuku Gyoen, Tokyo Imperial Palace, Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge and many other significant attractions.  Read more

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  3. Beijing:



With the finest levels of the remnants of China’s past and the extraordinary representation of the modern life, Beijing showcases its life, unfolding the bewildering anxiety of the sites it offers. From the Forbidden City and Great Wall of China, to the palaces, famous temples and parks, from the religious life and traditional cuisines to standardized way and the level of life with shopping, deluxe hotels and being an Olympic site, everything gives a reason to visit this place.  Read More

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 4. Macau one of the travel cities of Asia:


This place that earns more from gambling than “the Strips” in Las Vegas and has more colonial history than even Hong Kong stands as one of the most densely populated city of China. It is also termed as the Las Vegas of the East. Ruins of St. Paul’s, Macau Tower, Grand Prix Museum and Senado Square are some of the must-see places in the city. Read More

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 5. Shanghai:



China’s largest and richest city, Shanghai is the perfect blend of the eastern and the western culture and having an oriental charm accompanied with state-of-the-art infrastructure. It serves as perfect shopping place as well as tourist destination for visitors. Yu Garden, People’s Square, Jade Buddha Temple, several towers, parks, stadiums and museums leave you awestruck in Shanghai. Read more

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6. Kyoto:


  Often when culture of Japan is taken into consideration, the very first place to strike is that of Kyoto. With more than 1600 Buddhist temples and 400 shrines such as Kiyomizu-Dera and Ninna-ji, it is a culturally rich place. The hill-side gives the perfect view of Kyoto. There are places that offer to dress up in Kyoto Hollywood trend. And there is no leaving Japan without the traditional bathing in the bath houses. Read More  

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 7. Singapore:


The skyscrapers and the cultural heritages, lined from side to side all around the island city. The international mindset co-exists along with the traditional Asian values. With places like Sentosa, a resort island, River safari, Night Safari, Jurang Bird Park, Singapore Botanic Garden, Underwater World, one can experience the adventure of life time. There are art exhibitions, nightlife, museums and a lot more in store for tourists.  Read More

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 8. Hong Kong one of the travel cities of Asia:

Hong Kong

It is a colorful, chaotic, fantastic place to live and visit. This densely populated place never lets you feel alone, with all the entertainment and fun it has on offer such as Ocean Park, Disneyland, Lantau Island to name a few. With one of the most advanced networks of the world, you can easily travel around in Hong Kong to enjoy magical light shows done on the skyscrapers as multimedia canvas, the art-exhibitions, monasteries, museums and other popular spots. Read More

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 9. Seoul:



It is among one of the most economically stable states and well-networked that makes easy travel. There are so many café, PC bangs, restaurants, spas, shopping centers open all hours of day that makes it worth staying awake all night. Not-to-miss attractions include Myeong-dong, the Northern Palace, N Seoul Tower, and other significant places in Seoul.  Read More

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 10. Mumbai:



Being the eclectic city and the home of Bollywood, this place is the same to India as New York is to the world. From the varying taste of the bada pav on the stalls o the international food chains, all are available. The marine drive sunset, several British Heritage Buildings such as Flora fountain, a double-decker bus ride, the Tonga rides or walking along the Chapel Road, caves, temples, lakes and forts, each and everything about the place is just beautiful.   Read More

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There are many places worth visiting but these cities surely deserve to be the top ten must – travel cities of Asia.

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