Top Ten Romantic Destinations of the World

The top ten romantic destinations of the world you must travel with your better half

In order to keep the charm in a relation, romance is very much required. If you think that things have become dull between you and your partner, then you must take a trip to these 10 best romantic destinations of the world and rekindle your love.

1. Aspen, Colorado, United states:

This city is one of the best romantic destinations of the world at the heart of United States is usually overflowing with stars who can’t resist the calling of its skiing sites. Apart from skiing the beautiful, picturesque scenery, busy, glittering night life makes it a perfect romantic destination. Travel to Aspen, Colorado in order to indulge yourself in the romance with your loved one.  Read More

Aspen, Colorado, United states  

2. Paris, France:

This city of lights is an ultimate romantic destination. When the Eiffel tower is lit up at night, it lights up every young or romantic heart. Strolling along the banks of Seine River and looking up at the picturesque bridges is another soothing, heart soaring attraction of the city as you travel Paris to rekindle your romance. Read More

Paris, France  

3. Kauai, Hawaii, Oahu, United States:

Kauai is also known as ‘Garden Isle’. This one of the best romantic destinations of the world offers more than what one bargains for. The beautiful natural surroundings, romance and seclusion offered here is unparalleled. Its dramatic cliffs, stupendous sunsets, beautiful beaches and gaping canyons are enough to leave a lasting impression and a wonderful destination for a second honeymoon.  Read More

Kauai, Hawaii, Oahu, United States  

4. Venice, Italy:

One cannot talk about love without talking about Venice. Venice looks like a place right out of a beautiful movie, or romantic dream. Its stunning architecture and piazzas leave one awestruck but, its real beauty lies in its canals. Here the main streets are canals and one can glide through the city on beautiful gondolas.  Read More

Venice, Italy  

5. Bora Bora, French Polynesia:

Bora Bora offers everything and more than one expects of a tropical region. Bora Bora offers its visitors a great collection of lush mountains and romantic, intimate resorts. Romance knows no bounds when lovers take a ride in glass bottom boat in the crystal clear waters. Read More

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

6. Florence, Italy:

Florence can leave a lover of art awestruck. Machiavelli and Michelangelo can be felt in every corner of the city while everything around seems to contain something of Dante and Donatello. The historic churches and palaces, filled with sculptures and statues lulls one into its lap. A romantic Italian dinner accompanied with fine wine is just apt for romantic vacation. Read More

Florence, Italy

7. Rome, Italy:

Rome has the power of invoking latent ancient memories in one. This place is like a vast museum celebrating 3000 years of the history of western civilization. Gladiators, wishing fountains and ancient treasures occupy one’s mind when in Rome. It is truly one of the most dazzling cities and romantic locations in the entire world. Read More

Rome, Italy

8. Vienna, Austria:

Vienna is world’s classical, musical capital. It seems to have been arrested in time. Its grand palaces, overpowering boulevards, horse drawn carriages, everything has a regal nostalgic air around it. Even its coffee shops and cafes which are very up to date on the outside have actually seen many great musicians pass through the door. Moving around the city is no less than a royal affair. Read More

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9. Buenos Aires, Argentina:

It won’t be an overstatement to say that this city oozes passion. Oh the European elegance and the irresistible Latin American seduction draws one towards Buenos Aires. Travel to Buenos Aires with your better half and see as your love life gets an Argentinian flame. Read More

Buenos Aires, Argentina

10. Prague, Czech Republic:

Prague seems like it might have jumped into this world from a romantic or fairy tale novel. This old is immaculately preserved and the chime of the 600 years old Astronomical clock makes one want to relive the pure, beautiful romances of the old tales. Its Gothic towers and spires are worth admiration and the famous Charles Bridge is a great, old romantic destination in itself. Read More

Prague, Czech Republic