Greece favorable tourist destination for budget travelers

What makes Greece a favorable tourist destination for budget travelers?

Every time Greece and tourism are mentioned in the same sentence, the usual response invokes a tinge of desperation and anxiety among budget travelers. But the Greek economic crisis has been news since 2010 and this is indeed the best time to travel to the major historical and cultural European center!

Greece has always enjoyed a strong political and financial foothold among the European countries but the recent fiscal whiplash has injured the economy pretty bad so taking a Greek solidarity holiday would be a perfect and budget friendly affair. A developed country that enjoys an impressively high quality of life, Greece is a European haven and given the current economy, there is no need to re-emphasize why you should visit the country without worrying about your expenses.
Greek vacation

The real question is how do you make your Greek vacation affordable? Here are essential tricks and tips to make your Greece travel budget friendly:

Athens is the capital, cosmopolitan with a vibrant club and party scene and receives an influx of visitors throughout the year. Most people believe that Greece is best visited in summer or during July and August but the country is hospitable and pleasant throughout the year. If you are on a budget, make sure you avoid the peak season ruckus. The capital is costly but if you are tactical in your approach, you will survive and enjoy on a budget pretty conveniently.

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Flights are pretty affordable, thanks to the economic crash so getting a hefty discount on a pre-booking won’t be hard but remember to look at the right place, even when you are booking online or using a travel agent. 

Major pubs, clubs and summer parties charge a lot so if you are into the hedonistic scene of the summer then you may want to work on your budget, schedule and minimum-maximum range. But equally decent food and drinks at local and less expensive restaurants and cafes will sure save you drachmas.   pubs Athens

Athens is a den of dorms, hostels and hotels so getting an on-cash accommodation deal ranging €5 to €50 won’t be hard work at all. If you are staying longer, you can even negotiate and if you are intending to travel out of the capital, choose cheap but safe hostels or budget hotels instead of franchise hotels or lavish brands.

Another trick for saving costs on the trip is through familiarizing yourself with the place and exploring the city on bicycle or foot instead of hired cabs.   Stock up your ammunition with street maps, local guidance brochures and visit the monuments and sites on your own. Then branch out to lesser known places like Thessaly, Lesbos, Rhodes, Alonissos, etc.  

Thessaly Athens Paying in cash will keep your transportation cheap so you can use the local ferries, hire bicycles or use a local cab service.

Decent food around the country doesn’t cost higher than €30 unless you are having the fine dining experience and €25 is a good range if you tend to enjoy your meals only with wine.

Mykonos and Santorini are mainstream Greek tourism jewels but remember that they are extravagant as well. So, you might want to visit the less crowded and more affordable destinations such as Crete and Folegandros. So, do your homework on the areas you want to cover and skip the famous, crowded spaces and visit the mainland instead.

Santorini Greece

Affordable group and backpacking package deals also have extensive discounts available along with plane tickets so get a good Greek travel operator to fix your deal and bask in the glorious Greek sun on one of Greece’s lesser known  though exotic island jewels.