Trip to Philadelphia is More Than Leisure and Luxury

Discover the American spirit right here at Philadelphia

Philadelphia is one of the most historic cities in the US being famous as the birthplace of the modern United States.

If you’re on a tour of the US, then a trip to this place is must. Being one of the oldest cities of the States, “Philly” offers tourists a lot more than just leisure and luxury and allows them to delve deep into the history of the US. Philadelphia sits right next to Delaware and New Jersey and is the fifth most populated city in the States.

Indulge into the birthplace of modern America in Philadelphia:

It has been associated closely with the history of the US. The city saw the writing and declaration of independence as well as the constitution of America. It also served as the capital of United States from 1790 to 1800 before Washington DC took over and holds a dear place in the modern history of America. The city is also famous for Benjamin Franklin and the Rocky movie series, which made the Philadelphia Museum of Art famous. Some major historical and cultural points to visit on your travel to Philadelphia are:

Benjamin Franklin Museum:

This museum celebrates the life of one of Philadelphia’s founding fathers. Here you will find the exquisite details about the life of Franklin, both as a statesmen and a private citizen.

Philadelphia Museum of Art:

This is the third largest museum of art in the entire country and a must see place while you tour Philadelphia. Make a stop to this historic place and check out the masterpiece.

The Liberty Bell:

The Liberty Bell at Philadelphia

The Liberty Bell is the city’s most historical place. The building has seen it all right from the struggle for independence to the announcement of freedom of the United States.

Independence Hall:

Independence Hall at Philadelphia

As the name suggests, this is the place where the United States was born. After the great revolutionary struggle, the American constitution was signed here in this very hall and a guided tour of the hall is a must in your travelling checklist as you travel Philadelphia.

Please Touch Museum:

Please Touch Museum Philadelphia

This is a favorite place for the children. The museum offers many plays and allows children to learn a lot of things by interacting with the environment of the museum. If you have a child, then be sure to visit this museum.


Philadelphia Zool

The first zoo of the nation has many “firsts” to its credit and therefore is a must watch attraction for one and all. The list of attractions extends to Franklin Square, Love Park, Rocky Steps, Franklin Institute and many more.

Shopping and Leisure:

Being one of the most walkable cities in the United States of America, Philadelphia offers you a bustling downtown with a wonderful nightlife and some quiet farmers markets where you can indulge in fresh foods and delicious country cuisine. Some of the hottest places to check out for shopping are:

Headhouse Market:

Headhouse Market Philadelphia

The place is bustling with farmers and local bakers who bring quality food to your table. You can indulge in the fresh bakery and fruits in this market and also have lunch offered by the various food trucks available in the market. Reading terminal Market is another market which is the nation’s oldest farmer’s market to satiate the foodie in you!

King of Prussia Mall:

This is a great place to shop if you want some tax free clothing. Check out the mall on your shopping days and get amazing offers as you explore this mall.


If you want to walk around and experience the big city leisure of Philadelphia, then Downtown is the place for you. Filled with many fine dining restaurants, bars and night clubs, the place will give you the ultimate leisure experience. Enjoy a lovely walk at Boat House Row and Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

Benjamin Franklin Parkway Philadelphia

Do enjoy hunting, fishing, rock climbing, bouldering, nature walks, hiking, boating, balloon flights and other interesting activities here.

Best time to tour Philadelphia:

The best time to visit the city is during the spring and fall as the climate is quite pleasant. Winters are quite cold and summers tend to get humid and uncomfortable.

How to reach the city?

If you’re looking to travel Philadelphia, then getting here should not be a problem. The city is well covered by the Philadelphia International Airport, with flights from major cities across the globe coming here. Furthermore, the railways and roadways offer rather cheap modes of transport from Boston, New York, Washington, Virginia and other important nearby cities. You can even come for your tour of Philadelphia using waterways from New Jersey during April – September.

Accommodation in Philadelphia:

With a variety of hotels, hostels and motels, Philadelphia will offer you all modes of accommodation. During you tour of Philadelphia, you can get a hotel as per your budget and for the best deals, it is recommended to book online as travel sites can provide cheap hotel booking in Philadelphia for you.