Vienna an Upcoming Destination of Europe

Why Vienna considered as upcoming destination of Europe?

Vienna is ideal for couples looking for a romantic experience and for families as well looking to have fun excursions with their near and dear ones. Popularly known as one of the upcoming romantic destinations of Europe, the city boasts of a colorful history and crucial sights of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. Your sole challenge being a day-tripper is to decide how you want to explore the city. Either you can choose the slow route, or you can choose the fast route. However, if you are looking to choose Vienna as your getaway, it should be bagged with certain reasons. Therefore, here are some of the best and irresistible reasons for you:

Vienna for history and architecture lovers 

Hofburg Palace Vienna

If you are a history or architecture buff, this place has everything in store for you. There are different historical monuments in the city like the massive Hofburg Palace, which will knock your socks off and leave you spellbound. Not only is it right near some of the most amazing restaurants and Viennese cafes, but also it is known for its uniqueness. You can also choose the Imperial Apartments and the Schatzkammer tour, which holds an exclusive importance in the jewels of the Habsburg dynasty.

Vienna for food lovers

It has its own unique cuisine, although most of the people often treat it as equivalent to Austrian cuisine. Indeed, the cuisine of the city is exclusive in many ways that you will find it enticing. Some of the favorite dishes that tourists must try are Rindsuppe beef soup, Gulasch (a hotpot similar to the Hungarian stew of the same name), Selchfleisch (smoked meat), Wiener Schnitzels (pounded and breaded fried veal), etc. However, for deserts, tourists should try Danish pastry because it originated from Vienna and simply loved by all. Sadly, when you will leave Vienna, one of the things that you will miss shall definitely be the food.

Vienna for Magical Christmas Tour during Winters

Christmas markets Vienna

Vienna is all the rage for its Christmas celebrations. During the snowy winters, the Christmas markets and skiing activities get more popular and attract tourists from around the globe. Being a tourist, you can combine a winter Christmas trip with a musical tour to this city to enjoy the vivid musical scene out there. You can also trace some footpaths of some Vienna composers who have made this historical musical site more popular.

Vienna for a Bike Tour through its Lanes 

Biking allows you to travel longer distances. If you are on bike, you should expect to be getting off the bike for a quick rest and catch a glimpse of magical Vienna around you. A Vienna city tour through biking allows you to see more the city. You get to travel along the streets, and view the ornate churches and cathedrals from a distance.

Vienna for romantic boat rides 

If you are someone who is bored with land travel, then perhaps a boat trip is what your heart craves for. Towards the South, it has the beautiful woods, and the environment is very breathtaking for some quiet and peaceful time. When you travel by a boat, you experience something very mystical that is difficult to put in words. For instance, you will see thermal springs, which you would not be able to catch a glimpse of if you travel by land.

Thermal springs Vienna

Nevertheless, how you wish to travel depends entirely on what are your plans during your vacation in Vienna. If you are planning to cover one or two destinations, then a walking or bike tour is a good option. However, if you are someone who is visiting the city for the first time, then its best that you follow a guided tour, which will help, introduce you well to the city.