Visit Japan and Discover its Magnificence

Visit Japan and discover its magnificence

The word Japan transpires a vision of a technologically developed modern country with its deep roots in ancient history and religion. Japan is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean with its cities bursting with imposing skyscrapers, majestic imperial palaces serving reminder of their glorious past, hilly national parks and ancient shrines and temples. Japan is exciting with its humble people who are filled with national pride for their country, their culture, their food especially sushi, rich heritage and their cutting edge technological advancement. This is not all, you got to visit Japan and discover its true magnificence.

Japan falls among the top attractions for the tourists as 19.73 million people visited Japan in 2015. It has lot to offer with nature’s blessings in its sultry sea beaches, landscapes, high mountains and panoramic kaleidoscopic sceneries. Here it is important to mention of their 19 UNESCO world heritage sites for the purpose of sightseeing.

August Overview-The land of morning sun leaves rains behind in July and the month of August has 83% chances of sunny days. The temperature would be pleasant between 23° to 29°c, though it will be bit humid. August is the peak time for beach activities, Hanabi-a festival of fireworks to ward off the evil spirits and 4 more festivals during August here. A great dance festival in Tokushima will be held between 12th to 15th August. In addition, there will be exhibitions and 97 trade fairs on variety of concepts. In fact, August visit will be very enlightening for the visitors.


How to reach Japan

Japan has very busy air traffic and has flights to its 4 International airports from all over the world.

Narita International airport Tokyo– is the biggest airport in Japan that is 60 km east of Tokyo city. One can take train to Tokyo city, Yokohama, Shinjuku, Shibuya etc. 

Haneda Internal Airport-  is in south Tokyo 22 km away, where one can ride on a mono rail or train to reach Tokyo. Haneda airport is the biggest domestic airport too in Japan.

Kansai International airport – is in west Japan located 40 km from Osaka. This airport is for reaching to Kyoto, Nara, Koyasan, Kumano-Kodo.

Chubu Centrair International airport- 30 km from Nagoya. The cities of Takayama, Shirakwa -Go and Ise Shrine.

The flights to practically every city are available, besides bullet trains and other express trains that are the easiest mode of transport for travelling from one city to another.

Japan Accommodation facilities- Japan has numerous all budget hotels, in addition there are alternative accommodations available such as furnished apartments, hostels & dormitories, traditional style accommodations, capsule hotels with shared bath, a TV for males generally. Weekly and monthly hotels and flats too are available.


   Sushi – Sushi is a national dish of Japan. Rice and sea food variations include Nigiri, Gunkan, Norimaki etc.

      Bowl of rice – steamed rice, vinegar and soya sauce such as Donburi

      Rice balls (Onigiri) – Seasoned rice wrapped in sea weeds.

      Kare Raisu (Curry rice) – a curry and rice dish

      Chahan (fried rice) – with vegetables and eggs Chinese inspired fried rice

Kayu – a rice porridge

       Sashimi – Sea food dish, raw fish with wasabi and soya sauce

      Yakizakana  – grilled fish (such as salmon, mackerel, etc.)

      Noodles –  Soba- native noodles dish, Udon- wheat noodles, Somen- thin wheat Noodles

      Yakisoba – Noodles mixed with vegetables and meat. Eaten in fests

Nabe –       A soupy mix of noodles, seafood, mushrooms and vegetables, Sukiyaki is a variation.

      Meat dishes – Yakitori, Tonkastu, Yakiniku, Nikujaga and Teppanyaki etc.

      There are other Tofu and soya-bean dishes.

Sightseeing in Japan


The bustling capital city has numerous neon lighted skyscrapers and technology that reflects everywhere. The unlimited choices are offered in shopping, entertainment, culture and food fest of Tokyo. From 16th century one small castle town of Edo, as it was called, to one of the populous and happening metro, Tokyo has come long way. There are much to witness here.

Tokyo, Japan

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Tokyo Imperial Palace – Emperor’s residence with beautiful gardens.

Parks – Odaiba and Ueno parks, Shinjuku Gyoen park with greenhouse, Koishikawa Korakuen, Hama Rikyu etc.

Tokyo Dome city – an entertainment district

 Exhibition center Roppongi – Art, nightlife, art galleries, exhibitions and aquariums

 Harajuku district – An locality of fashion, culture, shopping, art galleries and churches.

 Meiji Shrine – A Shinto shrine with aesthetic gardens

 Senso ji – Historic temple of Goddess of mercy

 Yasukuni shrine – A shrine dedicated to war dead

 Tsukiji Fish market – It is the largest fish market with all kinds of fishes

 Edo -Tokyo Museum excellent display of Tokyo’s history.

 Tokyo Skytree – 2nd highest structure at 634m in Sumida, having broadcasting center, restaurant and observation facilities.


A bustling port city and commercial center on the island of Honshu, is known for its contemporary architecture, lively nightlife and popular street food. Third most populated city in Japan at a distance of 515 km from Tokyo, on bullet train one can reach there in 2 hours 22 minutes. By air too there are so many flight every day. 


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Osaka’s Shogunate Castle –  is a 16th-century edifice which is its prime historical milestone, it is surrounded by a moat and park with plum, peach and cherry trees.

The Shinto Sumiyoshi -Taisha Shrine is among Japan’s oldest of shrines.

Theme park – At Osaka water front

Osaka aquarium – Impressive aquarium

Minami (Namba) – Downtown for shopping and having fun

Tenjin Matsuri – Summer festival fireworks’ main place

Museum of history – city’s history well displayed

Shitennjoi temple – Ancient temple

Minoo park – on outskirts a forest park with waterfalls

Science museum – Interactive science museum


Once was the capital of Japan, Kyoto is a beautiful city located on the island of Honshu it has thousands of Buddhist temples and shrines. Kaiseki dining traditions, Geisha the female entertainers, Shinto shrines and wooden houses are its typical identity reasons. Kyoto is 513km from Tokyo and train takes 2 hours 18 minutes to reach there.



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Nijo Castle – famous wooden castle

Kinkakuji & Ginkaku -ji zen temple- famous gold color temple in serene and peaceful environment

Fushimi Inari Taisha – Shinto shrine with unique gates

Temples – Ryoan-ji, Nazan-ji,

Arashiyama – bamboo forest with monkeys


Okinawa comprises of 150 islands in the East China Sea, lies between Taiwan and Japan’s mainland. World War II sites are its uniqueness. It’s known for its tropical climate, broad beaches and coral reefs etc. 2115 km is the distance of Okinawa from Tokyo and flights from Haneda airport are available easily. Although ferries are the option too but these are expensive and time taking.


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Naha – Okinawa’s capital is famous for its Shuri castle

Miyakojima – Known for Snorkeling, scuba diving, golf, sea turtles, beaches etc.

Ishigaki – beaches, blue coral reef and mountains

Iromote Jima – Water buffaloes, waterfalls, water sports such as Scuba diving, snorkeling, canoeing

Okinawa island, Kumejima, Kohama island, Onna Okinawa – famous for whale watching, cycling, snorkeling, scuba diving, caves and beaches


Fukuoka is the capital of Fukuoka region on the northern shore of Japan’s Kyushu Island. It’s known for its ancient temples, beaches and modern shopping malls, including Canal City. The city is also renowned for Tonkotsu ramen food, offered at the street stalls. At a distance of 1087 km, the trains take 5 hours to reach there. You can fly directly there too.


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Ohori park – A nice park

Kushida shrine – an ancient shrine

Fukuoka castle – a historical castle in a huge park

Canal city Hakata – a shopping center

KyushuNational museum – Culture is the concept and is displayed nicely

Marine world Uminonakamichi – Aquarium with sea life, otters and dolphins are its main attractions.

Join the growing number of tourists to this beautiful country and discover the magnificence of Japan for an ultimate experience.