Visit romantic destination Venice to reignite your love

Visit romantic destination Venice to reignite your love

Venice and romance are two sides of the same coin and years of literature, cinema, theatre featuring this Italian marvel as the perfect place to rejoice in and revive love has strengthened the idea. Venice always brought exuberance of love to the soul, heart and mind and visiting for honeymoon or a special trip with your loved one is akin to making a romance pilgrim.


It is the place where you reignite, rediscover, and celebrate your love and even poets, artists and moviemakers swear by its beauty. Venice is one of the romantic places of the world and here’s how you can revel in its grandeur:

The glorious Gondola date

Everything about the Venetian Gondola ride is classic romantic and it must be fundamental to any romantic’s trip to Venice. A Venetian vacation experience with your loved one sans the Gondola is an experience wasted…If you haven’t rode through Venetian canals with a beautiful gondola plying through the hypnotic waters then you haven’t even started with your journey.

Venetian canals

There’s nothing more dreamy about the sky tinted with pink and orange rays of the sun of golden hour and a couple plying through the hypnotic Grand Canal (4km) in a  classic Gondola ride.

  • The classic Gondola Date

Gondola ride

Charges for 40 minutes are around €80 and visitors are charged for additional minutes if they want to extend the ride. Gondola ride is expensive and 40 minutes aren’t sufficient enough for travelling through all of Venice but charting out the areas that you want to travel with your partner beforehand will save you the cost and you can even get a traghetto. Skip the day traffic and pick an early morning or evening ride for a quieter experience.

It’s built over a lagoon

A lagoon is defined as an enclosed or restricted shallow coastal body and the iconic Venice is actually built over a lagoon. This fact alone authenticates the city’s unbeatable splendor and legendary beauty. Besides, the city actually comprises 118 Islands which are collectively labeled a world heritage site. So, the city is officially one of the greatest romantic places and historically significant sites ever.


  • Enjoying a city built on a lagoon

The idea of a Venetian romantic holiday is probably as old as Shakespearean masterpieces or perhaps older but it’s still as rejuvenating as it was centuries back. The best way of exploring Venice as a romantic destination is by avoiding the mainstream places and famous piazzas and taking strolls through the narrow streets and enjoying the local cuisine at smaller cafes. Pavement Cafes may sure seem entertaining but they can be costly and visiting the famous sites is often a rushed affair especially during summer and spring so plan ahead and pick destinations that don’t face tourism explosion.

The Venetian Stroll

Venice under water

A Venice romantic holiday requires essential walking through the city, enjoying the golden sunlight and aquamarine waters below the bridge and getting lost amidst numerous piazzas. Even if you seem to figure out your way and simply can’t help not getting lost then just keep walking to explore the city at its best.

  • City Exploration on Foot

Get a map of historical Venice and enjoy walks through the Sestiere (or try out the contemporary map for borough based excursion). Cannaregio, San Marco, Dorsoduro (Zattere), etc are among the top Venetian highlights for walkers but they can also be crowded during peak season.

Venice International Film Festival (Lido De Venezia)

Venice is home to the oldest film festival of the world, La Biennale’s Venice Film Festival stated to be held since 1932. Although this information will possibly only entice movie buffs, but it is pretty impressive that the city has always been a bustling center for art, romance, beauty, conversations and the Festival venue is the exclusively lavish Lido De Venezia, another gem in Venetian Architecture.

Lido De Venezia Venice

  • A luxurious Lido De Venezia holiday

The La Biennale’s official website provides complete details on booking, schedule list, screening list, official selections so you can adjust trip arrangements as per the Festival.

Venetian Islands

The urban piazzas, postcard pictorial l like bridges and narrow but glowing waterways of Venice are only a novice highlight. The main draw of the city is its grander and lesser crowded Islands namely Torcello, San Michelle, Murano, Sant’Erasmo, Burano, etc. Because ferries and cruise ships undertake regular transportation and day long excursions from the mainland to the islands, you won’t have trouble getting there.

Torcello Island Venice

Venice’s commercial popularity has sure made it among top romantic destinations but not without repercussions. But the city is still hauntingly gorgeous and the perfect place to indulge in a re-birth of love, fervor and beauty. Cruise Venetian tourist companies have plenty of budget to plush romantic trip packages to pick from so you get a range to choice to savor the perfection of this European Romantic delight. Whether it is an anniversary celebration or a trip to stroke the old memories with your loved one, visiting Venice will get you singing songs of love, passion, and enchantment.