Washington D.C- Amalgamation of Culture and Cuisine

Perfect amalgamation of culture and cuisine: Washington D.C

 The most important city of the most powerful nation in the world has a lot to offer. If you’re one of those on a tour to the US, then travel to Washington D.C is a must. Filled with world class culinary and culture, the city justifies being the capital of the great nation and is certainly one of the most popular tourist cities of USA.

So, as you pack your bags and get ready to travel Washington D.C, here are a few attraction points that you should not miss out:

For a walk down the history and culture:

White House:

The most important residence of the US is a must see site. The place is magnificent and you can even book a tour of the White House by contacting the authorities at least 21 days prior to your visit.

White House

Lincoln Memorial:

Another wonderful place to visit is the Lincoln Memorial. Dedicated to Abraham Lincoln, this place will take you to a walk down the history about the great nation.

Lincoln Memorial National Air and Space Museum:

Another must go museum in this city with over 20 museums is the National Air and Space Museum. The museum has some of the best piece in aerospace history like the 1927 Spirit of St. Louis plane and the Apollo 11 module from 1969. It is also kids friendly and has a lot to offer to the little ones too.

National Air and Space Museum

National Zoo:

Explore this place early morning and have breakfast with the cheetahs and the orangutans. The place is huge (163 acres) and you get to see a lot of exotic animals. If you’re with kids, then this has to be a must go place.

National Zoo Vietnam Veterans Memorial:

Visiting this place will remind of the great Vietnamese war. All the facts and figures of the war are safely exhibited here. If you’re someone with a deep interest in history, this place will be a paradise to you. For the non-history people too, the place is cool and you should surely check it out once.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Madame Tussauds:

One of the best museums to checkout in this place is the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. Filled with the wax statues of some of the greats, you can really get bewildered by the amount of detail captured by their sculptors and have a wonderful time here.

Madame Tussauds wax museum

For some shopping and fine dining:

Capitol Hill:

Take a stroll down the Capitol Hill and see where the city goes when they don’t reserve a dining. The Barracks Row area will give you a variety of delicious options to choose and give your taste buds the exquisite flavor of the capital city.

Meridian Hill Park: This place will let you enjoy Europe, D.C style. The place is filled with residents on the weekends so you should probably go on the weekdays to enjoy the aristocratic grounds and enjoy espresso at the U Street Café and have some delicious meals at the U Street Corridor.

Meridian Hill Park Downtown:

In order to check out the city’s bustling nightlife and restaurants, make a visit to downtown. The downtown is the best place to hang out during the weekends and you can easily get to see the D.C at its best.

DuPont Circle:

The DuPont circle which was named after a War Hero Admiral DuPont is one of the grandest areas in the D.C. The area near the circle is the hub of many urban and cultural centers and the place is filled with a variety of restaurants and offbeat shops that are worth a visit.

DuPont Circle Relax at a Bar:

Enjoying the nightlife at D.C is another experience worth having. You can hang out at the various bars located across Atlas District, the new nightlife king of the D.C. Also, you may check out the Bavarian BiergartenHaus and enjoy the fresh brews they have on tap.

Take a trolley ride: If you want to see the monuments by the moonlight, then you should probably go for the trolley rides that take you on a two hour stroll across and shows you all the major monuments as the evening falls.

Best time to tour Washington D.C:

The best time to travel Washington DC is during the spring season. Apart from that, during hotter months when leaders of the country are out, the holiday season is at its peak when many tourists flock the city. Furthermore, you might get some great deals during the hot summer months though the city might be over crowded at this time.

How to reach Washington D.C?

The D.C, being the capital of the nation is well connected by all modes of transport. The city is served by three major airports with the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport being the closest one to the city. Other than flight, you can also reach by train and even by road if you’re from the States and wish to drive there in your own car.

Accommodation during your Washington DC travel:

As you venture out into the city, accommodation can be a problem. If you’re checking in the season when the leaders are out, you can get it easy. However, if you come in the peak season, please get your accommodation sorted out well in advance to avoid hassle. There are some great luxury hotels and reasonably priced hotels in Washington DC but you need to be wise with your timing to make it comfortable here.

So, plan your visit to the amazing tourist destination, Washington D.C. which is amongst the most walk able places in the US. Enjoy the perfect blend of history, art and modernism as you visit the great capital city of the great nation.