Wellington – Mesmerizing Capital City of New Zealand

Wellington –The Most Popular Waterfront City among Visitors

Wellington Mesmerizing City of New Zealand

Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand, at the bottom of the North Island. It is a coastal city which has a great deal of character, art and culture, as well as being the political and financial center of the country is quite popular worldwide. It has been prominently featured as a city with stunning views of the harbor and the coastline. Being the capital city of New Zealand, it continues to be admired by visitors as they can easily enjoy the access to the harbor area of Wellington’s waterfront area.

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Why You Should Visit?

Popularly known as the coolest city in New Zealand, It has a lot to offer like great museums, national parks, cafes and restaurants and many other things.   Here, some major places one should not miss in Wellington,   The Waterfront   Wellington waterfront

The waterfront is a mesmerizing playground with lots of restaurants, cafes, bars, galleries, museums, and soothing live music. If you want to enjoy the best of your trip in Wellington, go for a walk to the waterfront and soak yourself in its serene atmosphere.  

The Braille’s Trail  

If you want to see how New Zealand has honored the birth of Louis Braille, you need to visit the Botanic Garden for the Sensation walk.  

Te Papa Museum  

The incredible museum tells the story of New Zealand’s important people in a fun yet creative way. It also includes free events, seminars, floor talks, lectures, and exhibitions for visitors.  

Museum of Wellington city and Sea

This historical building has recently been voted among the best 50 museums of the world.

Best Things to Do and Attractions to Sight

It offers a wide array of places to visit and activities to do for the visitors. Here, a list of best activities to experience at different places in Wellington,  

Cable Car  

It is one of the most incredible attractions, the Cable Car runs from Lambton Quay till Kelburn. You can also catch planetarium shows at the Carter Observatory and see the whole Wellington beneath you from the Cable Car.  


Wellington Zoo

Known as the best little zoo in the world, Wellington’s Zoo was the first famous attractions of New Zealand which showed the treasure trove of exotic and native animals.  

Mount Victoria Lookout  

Mount Victoria Lookout

The scenic beauty of the Mount Victoria Lookout is popular worldwide as it offers a 360° view of the this city and surrounding areas.  

Cuba Street  

A famous place for travelers who love shopping as it is a little Bohemian place in the heart of this city. One can find colorful shops, restaurants, cafes, and vintage places to check out latest works of local art  

How to Get There and Accommodation Options

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Travelers can get to this city easily via taking flights from any country. It has its own international airport that acts as a major travelling point for other domestic Wellington planes as well. One can also commute to Wellington via ferries and boats. The international cruise ships also stop at Wellington’s harbor, so cruise also works as a great option to reach the city.

The options for accommodation in this city are different according to everyone’s budget and requirements. One can find a wide array of accommodation for themselves from luxury hotels to nature-surrounded camping options. In addition to these, there are regular 3-star, 4-star and 5-star boutique lodging options, and motels near the waterfront area.

If you are going for a weekend getaway or long holiday, look for long-term accommodation options in Wellington like luxury hotels and backpacking hostels as they are perfect for staying.

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