What Makes Tamil Nadu the Top Tourist Attraction of India?

What makes Tamil Nadu the top tourist attraction of India?

The tourist reports are here and Tamil Nadu has topped the list again. The state has the highest inflow of foreign as well as Indian tourists and it is the second year in a row that the state from the south has topped the list. If the numbers are to be seen, Tamil Nadu sports some impressive feats. The state was visited by 4.6 million foreigners and 320 million Indians. This amounts to a total of 20.6% of all foreign tourists visiting India in 2014 and 25.6% of all domestic tourists in India for the year 2014.

What makes Tamil Nadu so favorable to the tourists? How is Tamil Nadu the top tourist attraction of India when compared to the other states like Maharashtra, Kerala and Goa? Let us find out.

Goa Beaches

Tamil Nadu: Perfect blend of history and modernity

The southern state will give you everything from ancient temples and a bustling wildlife to urban discos and mesmerizing beaches. There are a variety of sights as well as delicacies that you can enjoy here. The Tamil society is undergoing a changing phase and you can see the blending in of the traditional values with modern thoughts as you explore the place. Not to forget, the state boasts of three UNESCO World Heritage sites which have history of 3800 years.

Tamil Nadu

Chennai is the capital of the state Tamil Nadu and a bustling cosmopolitan with people from all over the country living and working there. Considered as ‘the Gateway of South India’, the city has featured in The New York Times as among “52 places to go around in world”. The city is full of beaches and also houses a rich cultural heritage. Marina beach present in Chennai holds the record for being the 2nd longest in the world, attracting people worldwide.


Other places of interest in Tamil Nadu include Kanyakumari, Madumalai and Mahabalipuram. The hill stations of Ooty and Kodaikanal offer a peaceful stay away from the bustling city life. Apart from these, we have the Moray River, which runs across the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. This nature park supports a wide array of wildlife and the river is the home to quite a few endangered aquatic species. In addition, Western Ghats feature in the top biodiversity hot spots in the world.


You can also visit Puducherry (erstwhile Pondicherry), which is close to the state. This small union territory offers a history lesson and shows you the remnants of the French people who ruled the region.


Tamil food: A heavenly feeling for the foodies

Tamil food offers a lot of different taste to the foodies. Many people visit this state to try out the various south Indian delicacies like Dosa, Uttapam and Upma. Apart from these vegetarian and famous dishes, there are many local recipes like the Chettinad chicken and sour hot fish, which one can enjoy while traveling the state.

Home to NRIs and scholars:

Another reason stated for the rise of the state to the top is attributed to the NRIs and scholars. There are many Tamil people studying and working abroad. They come home once in a year and increase the footfall, which ultimately helps Tamil Nadu in reaching the top spot.

With so much to offer, Tamil Nadu remains a place that every Indian must see. With people coming here from all over the globe, we say that you also plan a trip to Tamil Nadu the top tourist attraction of India and make sure that you absorb all the awesomeness of the state.